Hannah Dalgleish is a researcher and communicator, working at the intersection between astronomy and society. An astrophysicist by training, she now spends her time focused on capacity-building projects, and on furthering our understanding of how astronomy affects the lives of people around the world.

She is also the person behind Astrophysics Girl, her personal blog which lists many opportunities for those interested in pursuing astronomy.

Hannah is living in the UK, working between the University of Oxford and the University of Namibia. She is a postdoctoral researcher in astronomy for development, and is involved in numerous projects related to dark sky tourism, light pollution, astronomy education, science communication, and more.

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🌏 [1st Oct – 10th Nov] 40-day course on discovering unity

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John Cass – Dryland 🎶

The first philosophers were astronomers. It is the heavens that admonish man of his destination, and remind him that he is destined not merely to action, but also to contemplation.

Ludwig Feuerbach